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How can we help?


Whether for a garage clearance, a house emptying, an apartment clearance, flea markets and private storerooms, we provide a high quality service in Brussels and throughout the Belgian territory (north flea market, bricks garage emptying and clearance, cork garage emptying and clearance, several flea markets in Belgium,…).

We make an appointment according to your convenience.

We estimate the value of the items to be emptied, when it is not the recycling center.


Three options are then possible:

  • OPTION A: The value of the content to be emptied is greater than our costs that, so we make a reasonable purchasing offer, and we also take away worthless objects.
  • OPTION B: The value of the items to be cleared is equal to our costs: we empty the place for free and at zero cost.
  • OPTION C: The value of the items to be cleared is lower than our costs: we empty the place for a low price defying all our competitors.
Do you want to keep some things? No problem!

"We only dispose of what you no longer want."

If you want to keep certain objects and items that's not a problem! We help you sort it all out, and we can even transport these items wherever you want.

And when it is over?

"Satisfaction from start to finish, and additional services when and if needed!"

After each service on site we automatically pass a ballet and a mop through. You can also request a deep cleaning, refreshment or renovation work (painting, plumbing, plastering, electricity, tiling, etc.); DSR's Brussels team of professionals in industrial cleaning and building renovation will be at your disposal.

House Clearance and Covid-19

What are the measures taken?

With the COVID-19 health crisis, it has become essential for any house clearance and house emptying service company in Brussels to properly apply the legal provisions taken by the health authorities, to follow the prevention standards as well as to take all the necessary measures to perform their services in complete safety.

You should know that the DSR Vide Maison Brussels team adapts its workforce to each site. Indeed, depending on the number of people present on the premises at the time of the house clearance (service requester and friend (s) and / or family member (s)), we adjust our workforce so as not to be more than 10 people.

Then we apply the anti-Covid DSR code, for our own safety as well as for the safety of our customers and their entourage:

  • Mandatory minimum distance kept at all times of 1.5 meters between each person.
  • Permanent wearing of FFP2 filtering masks.
  • Permanent wearing of Nitrile gloves throughout the service, and their proper disposal after the site (put in a hermetically sealed plastic bag before being thrown into the general trash)
  • Disinfection by hydroalcoholic gel whenever necessary.

After each operation on site, our teams always carry out an exhaustive cleaning to leave the premises in perfect condition. This is one of our guarantees that we have applied since 1995.
At the time of this pandemic, DSR Vide Maison can also offer you a more in-depth cleaning specially designed for complete sanitation and disinfection of your house, apartment, cellar, attic, office, etc.
The main characteristics of this disinfection are as follows:

  • The premises must be completely emptied and only the disinfection team must be inside the place to be cleaned during the service.
  • The team will use an insulating protective suit, in addition to FFP2 masks and nitrile gloves.
  • DSR uses its own suitable and high quality cleaning tools.
  • The products used will mainly be natural and non-chemical antiseptic products (white vinegar, black soap, baking soda and essential tea tree oil). Some industrial products can be used in case of very specific need.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and for a free full quote.

An urgency?

Do not hesitate to also call us if you need to empty and clear a place urgently. We will do our best to bring you a solution in record time!

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