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Do you have old items & objects, and old furniture that are of value and you don't want to throw away?

We buy them from you!


We proceed as follows:

  • An expert in flea markets and antiques will come for free to estimate the value of your objects and furniture.
  • We thenmake a serious and objective offer to purchase your items.
  • Once the price has been agreed, and payment is made; can be made in cash if you wish.
  • We take care of the transport for free, and we can also take away worthless objects that could clutter you.

Visit our house clearance section for more information.


Here are some examples of the items and objects that we buy:

- Paintings
- Drawings
- Prints
- Gouaches
- Oil paints
- Engravings
- Pastels
- Advertising posters
- Enamelled plates
- African art
- Asian art
- Comics
- Musical instruments
- Sculptures
- Tapestry
- Carpet
- Old fabrics
- Embroidery
- Silverware
- Silver plated
- Ceramics
- Porcelain
- All kinds of jewelry
- Lamp
- Chandeliers
- Crystal glassware
- Glassware
- Molten glass
- Pottery
- Coffers
- Any style of furniture
- Clocks
- Bic and old pens
- All kinds of design objects or furniture
- Old lighters
- Thumbnails
- Watches
- Scientific instruments
- Taxidermies
- Curiosities
- Old and famous brand clothes
- Old wines
- Sofas
- Lounges


Detailed categories and information on the type of items we buy in Brussels and Belgium:

Style and period furniture

Wardrobe, Hot-water tables, Craft furniture, Library, Old Bar, Showcase, Billiards, Buffet, Sideboard, Desk, Sofa, Armchair, Benches, Chair (s), Stool, Cabinet, Liquor cellar, Old bedside, Safe, Commode, Console, Corner, Pedestal tables, Beds, Chandelier, Lamp, Mirror, Screen, Secretary, Table, Game Table, Coffee table -, Dining table, Magazine rack, Shelf, Wall lamp

What style?

Antiquity, High period, Louis Philippe, Napoleon III, Renaissance, Louis XIV, Louis XIII, Design years 50-60-70-80-90-00, Scandinavian, Art Deco, Bauhaus, Regency, Louis XV, Transition Louis XVI, Directory , Empire, Consulate, Restoration, Charles X, Art Nouveau, Orientalist, Asian Art, Premier Art, Modern Art, English Antiquities

Decorative objects

Wood Sculpture Bronzes, Fireplaces, Fireplaces, Terracotta, Biscuit, Ceramic Porcelain Earthenware Barbotine, Silverware Housewares and cutlery Shaped pieces, Glassware Vases and glass objects, Wood Sculpture Bronzes, Ivory / bone, Marble object, Stone , Watchmaking Fireplace fittings, Floor clocks Pendulums, Stained glass, Ironwork, Fountain, Garden decor

Flea market objects

Clock, zinc object, old glass bottle, demijohn, rattan object (mirror, small piece of furniture…) suitcase, suitcase, stoneware, old postcard, glass bottle, bottle holder, bottle case, apple case, wooden case, wicker object, hedgehog / yew bottle, sign lettering, old toy, advertising plate, old card, jar, carpet, camera, box, decanter, coat hook, umbrella stand, clothing, lace, BD, books, cushion, glassware, bookends, tray, candlestick, decorative trinket, formica, bakelite object

Design 40-50-60 

Furniture and object from the 40s / 50s / 60s current or signed by where edited by: guariche, jeanneret, bandués, roche bobois, maison jansen, jean claude mahey, guariche, landault, maison charles, royère, wegner, knoll, le corbusier, finn juhl, motte, ruhlmann, agnoli, sarfatti, sauze, mouille, biny, mategot, murano, guillerme et chambron, jielde, max ingrand, jacobsen, saarinen, tapiovaara, borsani, adnet, perriand, paulin, aalto, bertoia, breuer, fornasetti, gascoin, ingrand, mategot, eames, maurer, mazza, noguchi, perzel, cazenave, stilnovo, sottsass

Collection, jewelry, graphic art

Ancient jewelry, old watch, militaria, Paintings (Portraits Marine Landscapes Still lifes Religious Icons Genre scenes, nudes Abstract paintings Orientalists) Watercolors and gouaches, collector's item (Archeology, Fairground art, Popular art, First art, Cannes, old Instruments of music, Scientific instruments, Ancient games, Ancient toys, Judaica and masonic, Ancient books, Objects of curiosity, Marine objects, Tobacco, opium), Pastels, Engravings and prints, Lithographs, Icons, Drawings, Photography



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